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PostedOct 102016

October 2 - October 8

October 3, 12:50 pm:  A student reported receiving inappropriate texts after posting an add for a roommate.  A report was taken.

October 4, 10:47 am:  A report of a sexual assault that occurred on campus was received by campus police.  Irvine Police later responded to assist with the investigation.  A report was taken, and a timely warning was disseminated to all students / staff.  This timely warning was later updated as additional details were learned.  The investigation is ongoing.


PostedOct 102016

September 25 - October 1

September 27, 7:00 pm:  A theft of a bicycle was reported by the B 200 building.  A report was taken.

September 29, 9:35 am:  A student reported the loss of his parking pass. A report was taken.

September 29, 8:50 pm:  A report of a suspicious male soliciting rides was received in parking lots 4 and 5.  The area was thoroughly checked and a report was taken.  Additionally, A Timely Warning was disseminated in order to alert the entire campus community.

September 30, 9:42 am:  A medical aid was reported in the area of the tennis courts.  Student reported feeling dizzy.  A report was taken.

September 30, 9:40 am:  A report of an assault / battery that occurred in the library was received.  A report was taken.

September 30, 10:43 am:  A lost property report (jewelry) was filed at the Police Station.  A report was taken.


PostedOct 102016

September 18 - September 24

September 19, 2:00 pm:  A student athlete was struck on the face by a baseball.  He was treated at the scene and a report was taken.

September 20, 9:38 am:  A medical aid was reported.  A student fell near the Performing Arts Center.  A report was taken.

September 21, 1204 pm:  A report of lost property at the gym was made.  The property was described as basketball shirts.  A report was taken.

September 21, 8:18 pm:  A missing persons report was initiated in the SSC.  While the report was being taken.  The missing person returned.


PostedOct 102016

September 11 - September 17

September 13, 12:20 pm: A heat related medical aid was reported.  A report was taken.

September 13, 10:05 am:  A dispute over a parking space was reported in parking lot 5.  A report was taken.

September 14, 11:00 am:  A vehicle was keyed in parking lot 5.  A vandalism report was taken.


PostedOct 102016

September 4 - September 10

September 6, 9:15 am:  A Hit and Run was reported in Parking lot 4.  A report was taken.

September 7, 5:20 pm:  A driver was stopped for a stop sign violation and additionally cited for driving with a suspended drivers license.  The driver's vehicle was towed and stored.

September 9, 11:30 am: Medical Aid reported.  A student fell off his bike.  A report was taken.


PostedSep 022016

August 28 - September 3

August 30, 2:24 PM, Medical Aid, ATEP  An individual (non-student) entered the ATEP campus seeking resources.  She stated she was suicidal and was subsequently evaluated by mental health professionals who responded to the campus.  She was transported for a 72 hour evaluation.  Report taken.

August 30, 4:00 PM, Disruptive Student, SSC Quad  A student was acting antagonistic toward other students and creating a disturbance on campus.  He was escorted off campus by Officers.  Report taken.

PostedSep 022016

August 21 - August 27

August 22, 4:54 PM, Non-Injury Traffic Collision, Parking Lot 6  A non-injury collision was reported in parking lot 6.  Report taken.

August 25, 6:20 PM, Medical Aid, Restroom - B200 building  A student fell by the restroom doors after becoming dizzy.  She sustained a minor injury and was treated by paramedics.  She was picked up by a family member.  Report taken.

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