IVC Campus Police Crime Blotter

PostedMar 312012

March 25 - March 31

March 27, 12:40 PM Petty Theft, B232  A student worker left her purse on a shelf in the classroom.  She left her purse unattended while she left the classroom for a brief time.  When the student worker returned, her purse was gone.  No suspect(s) were seen or reported.  Report taken.

March 26, 12:15 AM, Petty Theft, A Quad  The vending machine was broken into by an unknown suspect(s).  The exact loss of food items is not known at this time.  No suspect(s) were seen or heard.  Report taken.​
PostedMar 242012

March 18 - March 24

March 20, Unknown Time, Malicious Mischief, Lot 8 or Fullerton College  An unknown suspect(s) inscribed a swastika on a College District van.  It is suspected that a sharp object was used.  No suspect was seen or heard.  Report taken.

March 19, 12:01 AM, Petty Theft, Business and Technology Center  A suspect(s) broke the front glass of a vending machine and removed various food items.  It also appeared that the suspect(s) attempted to pry open the money container.  The exact time of this crime is unknown.  No suspect(s) were seen or heard.  Report taken

PostedMar 172012

March 11 - March 17

No activity to report during this time.

PostedMar 102012

March 4 - March 10

No activity to report during this time.

PostedMar 032012

February 26 - March 3

February 29, 11:16 AM, Medical Aid, Business Sciences and Technology Innovation Center  A student was complaining that she was not feeling well.  The Irvine Valley College Police was notified and responded.  The student made the decision to be transported to her residence and would seek medical attention on her own.  Report taken.​

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