IVC Campus Police Crime Blotter

PostedJan 292011

January 23 - January 29, 2011

  • January 25, Disruptive Behavior. Students became involved in a verbal confrontation over a parking situation. One subject threatened to vandalize the other student's vehicle. This issue was cordially resolved amongst each other. No report taken.
  • January 24, Non-Injury Traffic Collision, College. Vehicle #1 and Vehicle #2 were both backing out of their parking stalls. Both parties claim that they had backed into the driving lane when the other vehicle collided into their vehicle. The investigation was unable to determine which party was at fault. Report taken.

PostedJan 222011

January 16 - January 22, 2011

  • January 20, Petty Theft, PE100. A student parked his Hummer Mountain bike near the Life Fitness Room. He left the bicycle unlocked while he went to work out. When he returned, he found that someone had stolen his bicycle. Report taken.
  • January 20, Medical Aid, Student Services Center. A student suffered from self-inflicted wounds on his chest and right forearm. The victim was transported and admitted to a treatment center. Report taken.​

PostedJan 092011

January 9 – January 15, 2011

  • January 15, Medical Aid, Lot 5. A staff member reported tripping over a curb while walking to the Media Resource Center from Lot 5. She fell on her left knee where redness was visible.She requested an ice pack, but refused any other first aid. Report taken.
  • January 13, Medical Aid, A400. A student who was watching a movie in her biology class, fainted at the sight of blood and fell over hitting her head on the ground. OCFA paramedics were called and responded to the location. The victim was examined and transported to a local hospital. Report taken.
  • January 11, Injury Report, B200. The victim, who is a staff member, said he was walking between B200 and Kaplan when he tripped over a concrete bench and fell on his back. The victim declined medical aid. Report taken.
  • January 10-11, Vandalism, Parking Lot 2. The victim said she had parked her car in Lot 2 and then went to class. When she returned to her vehicle, she discovered that an unknown suspect had keyed the right and left side of her vehicle. Report taken.

PostedJan 082011

January 2 – January 8, 2011

  • ​January 7, Medical Aid, A200. Campus police were called to the A200 building in response to a female complaining of chest pains. OCFA paramedics were called and responded to the location. The victim was examined and transported to a local hospital. Report taken.
  • January 3, Petty Theft, Bookstore. Victim reported that she works in the bookstore and had placed her coat in the employee desk area. When she went home, she had forgotten to take her coat. She called the bookstore and was told the coat was there and would be put aside. When she returned to work the next day, it was missing. No witnesses were located. Report taken.
PostedJan 012011

December 26 – January 1, 2011

​No activity reported during the period.

Notice:The IVC Campus Police Department has made reasonable efforts to provide information that is accurate at the time of posting.

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