IVC Campus Police Crime Blotter

July 25 – July 31, 2010   

  • ​July 28, Vandalism to Vehicle, Lot 1. Victim stated she parked and locked her vehicle in Lot 1 and then went to work on campus. Upon her return to the vehicle, she discovered that an unknown suspect had smashed the rear window of the vehicle. Report taken.
  • July 28, Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Material, Power House 2. Facilities staff contacted police to report that a box of partially filled paint cans, insecticide and caulking were found in a dumpster. It is unknown who duped the hazardous material. Facilities personnel will dispose of the material at a disposal site. Report taken.
  • July 28, Medical Aid, B200. Campus police responded to call a regarding an injured student in a chemistry lab. Apparently, the student burned her finger tips with sulfuric acid during an experiment. Paramedics were notified and responded. The student refused treatment and stated she would seek her own medical aid. Report taken.

Posted 7/31/2010

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