IVC Campus Police Crime Blotter

PostedJul 312010

July 25 – July 31, 2010

  • ​July 28, Vandalism to Vehicle, Lot 1. Victim stated she parked and locked her vehicle in Lot 1 and then went to work on campus. Upon her return to the vehicle, she discovered that an unknown suspect had smashed the rear window of the vehicle. Report taken.
  • July 28, Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Material, Power House 2. Facilities staff contacted police to report that a box of partially filled paint cans, insecticide and caulking were found in a dumpster. It is unknown who duped the hazardous material. Facilities personnel will dispose of the material at a disposal site. Report taken.
  • July 28, Medical Aid, B200. Campus police responded to call a regarding an injured student in a chemistry lab. Apparently, the student burned her finger tips with sulfuric acid during an experiment. Paramedics were notified and responded. The student refused treatment and stated she would seek her own medical aid. Report taken.

PostedJul 242010

July 18 – July 24, 2010

  • ​July 20, Disturbing the Peace-Fighting, Lot #1. Campus police received a call regarding a fight in progress. Upon their arrival at the scene, they were met by a campus administrator who said they had witnessed two females fighting in the parking lot. Both women had left the location. In a subsequent follow-up, both women were located and interviewed. The investigation revealed a mother/daughter argument had taken place. It was determined that no crime occurred. Both parties were counseled and the matter referred to the Dean of Students. Report taken.
  • July 20, Grand Theft from Auto, Lot 3. Victim parked her unlocked vehicle in Lot 4 while she went to the Library. Upon her return to the vehicle, she discovered that an unknown suspect had taken a laptop computer and miscellaneous items from the passenger compartment area of the vehicle. Report taken.
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July 11 – July 17, 2010

  • ​July 13, Medical Aid, Athletic Field. Campus police responded to call a regarding an injured juvenile on the Athletic Field. Apparently, the seven year old son of the coach for a private soccer club had broken his leg while playing with other youths not involved with the soccer clubs practice. Paramedics were notified and responded, and transported the injured boy to a local hospital. Report taken.
  • July 13, Vandalism, Kaplan. Unknown suspect vandalized the northeast side of the classroom building by painting an image using a stencil.
  • July 7, Grand Theft Auto, BSTIC. Campus police responded to report of a stolen campus golf cart in the area of the BSTIC Bldg. Arriving officers observed and pursued the suspect who was in the cart, and who abandoned it before running through Lot#5 where he was subsequently detained and arrested. Report taken. CLEARED BY ARREST
PostedJul 102010

July 4 – July 10, 2010

​July 4, Grand Theft, Lot #2-Antique Fair. The victim, a vendor at the Antique Fair, reported that approximately $185,000 in cash and jewelry was taken from his unlocked vehicle while he was being intentionally distracted by several conspirators. Irvine PD was notified and will assist in the investigation. Report taken.

PostedJul 032010

June 27 – July 3, 2010

June 30, False Information to a Police Officer, B Quad. Campus Police responded to report of a male smoking marijuana behind B300. Upon arrival, officers detained a subject who matched the description provided the reporting party. During a subsequent interview, it was learned that the subject, a minor, was on probation and gave false identification information to the officers. He was later released to his parents. Report taken.

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