IVC Campus Police Crime Blotter

PostedMay 302009

May 24 – 30, 2009

  • ​May 30, Misdemeanor Hit and Run, Soccer Field Parking Lo. An unoccupied parked vehicle was damaged when struck on left front bumper by an unidentified vehicle.
  • Unoccupied parked vehicle was damaged when struck on the driver's side rear quarter panel by unidentified vehicle.
  • May 26 Assault, Lot 9. During a dispute over parking space a unidentified driver/suspect slapped the driver of the other vehicle, then vandalized the victim's before leaving the area.
  • May 26 Incident Report, PAC. Police received several reports of a male subject making annoying phone calls to staff. Subject was contacted and advised to discontinue.
  • May 27 Non-Injury Traffic Accident, College Drive. A driver making an illegal left turn drove over the center median of the roadway causing damage to her vehicle and IVC property. A report was taken.
  • May 27 Incident Report, CDC. Police received a report of a possible child endangerment situation. Following an investigation, the child was released to the uninvolved parent. A report was taken.

PostedMay 262009

May 17 – 23, 2009

  • ​May 18 Petty Theft, Lot 8. An unknown suspect reached in through a previously broken side window of a parked vehicle, and stole a wallet that was laying on the driver's seat.
PostedMay 162009

May 10 – 16, 2009

  • ​May 13 Vandalism, A200 Men's Restrooms. Unknown suspect damaged a restroom stall partition by digging a hole through it.
  • May 13 Vandalism, B200 Men's Restrooms. Unknown suspect damaged a restroom stall partition by digging a hole through it.
  • May 14 Petty Theft, Bookstore. Following a verbal altercation with a bookstore employee, a student was observed leaving the bookstore with two books he had not purchased. He was confronted outside of the Bookstore by another employee and the student dropped the books and ran into the campus. The student was later identified and the incident was handled as a business dispute only.
PostedMay 092009

May 3 – 9, 2009

  • ​May 4 Petty Theft, Men's Locker Room. An unknown suspect stole a cell phone from an unlocked locker.
  • May 5 Battery, A300 Construction Area. During an physical altercation, a construction worker struck pushed another worker inadvertently striking him with a shovel. There were no visible signs of injuries, and the victim refused to file a complaint.
  • May 6 Misdemeanor Hit and Run, Lot 9. An unoccupied parked vehicle sustained moderate damage when it was struck on the rear bumper by a unidentified vehicle that had left the location.
  • May 6 Theft, Library. A report was taken for an unauthorized fraudulent purchase made on an employee's credit card.
PostedMay 022009

April 26 – May 2, 2009

  • ​April 28 Fire, Library. A light fixture above the main entrance to the building caught fire and the Library was evacuated. OCFA responded, but the fire was extinguished before their arrival. After a safety check, the library was reopened.
  • April 29 Disorderly Conduct, Library. A student who was asked and refused to stop using a cell phone in the Library became verbally abusive and then asked to leave by staff. When he refused police were called. Police contacted the student, and advised/warned him of his conduct.
  • April 29 Miscellaneous Incident Report, SSC. A student who appeared to have emotional problems was escorted by officers to the Health Center. He was evaluated and released after it was determined that he was not a danger to himself or others.

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