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Campus Police:

IVC Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness planning at Irvine Valley College takes a proactive approach to mitigation, response and recovery from any number of crises or disasters that may impact the campus. IVC has an Emergency Operations Plan with a multi-hazard perspective that provides focus and direction for campus management responders. The plan is modeled on the California State Emergency Plan, which incorporates the requirements of the state Standardized Emergency System (SEMS) and the federal National Incident Management System (NIMS). When an emergency situation occurs on campus that is beyond the scope of public safety resources, the campus Emergency Operations Center (in the campus police station) can be activated as a hub of mutual aid response coordination. The Emergency Management staff, made up of trained personnel, will direct the campus response following contemporary procedures to avoid loss of life, prevent or minimize the destruction of property, and guide recovery operations.  

Everyone has a responsibility in Emergency Planning
Be Prepared, Have a Plan and Be Ready to Act!

For more information on the current threat level, please see the Department of Homeland Security website.

Police Badge Combo

T: 949-451-5200

The IVC Police Department is next to Lot 8 and the baseball field in building CP 100. Thirty-minute parking is available in front of the Police Station.

See Something, Say Something
Crimes, suspicious activities, and any emergency should be reported to the Campus Police Department.

Department Hours

Mon:​   7 am - 6 pm ​
​Tue: ​  7 am - 6 pm
​Wed: ​  7 am - 6 pm
​Thu:   ​7 am - 6 pm
​Fri: ​  7 am - Noon

Campus Safety Escort Service

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 949-451-5234. Or from any campus office or classroom phone dial extension 5234.

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